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    anthony j maltese

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello. I have recently purchased an Eclipse stove No 18…dont know the year, but ive been told late 1800 or early 1900s…im restoring it but dont know exactly what color it was originally. Someone told me teel green with gold scroll lettering. Is this accurate?</p>

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    I don’t think you start with sand blasting. It may be cast iron, but it may pit the metal.
    You might try the site, specifically the antiques forum.
    There are people on there that actively restore stoves, can give you some pointers.
    Also there are professional stove restoration companies around the country.
    My assumption is the paint is on the stove is not high temperature paint.
    You might ask thoss in the forum whether you can take it outside and fire it, burn off as much of the paint.
    Things like a broken grate can be repaired, or if you have most of the grate, a pattern could be created and a new one cast.

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    Jacob Henry

    Is there anything else I’m missing? A gentleman I spoke with said “Do not light it without the proper liner in the fire box”. What do you normally use to line the firebox? Can I use standard bricks or do I need to find custom bricks similar to

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      Chad Higdon

      What I’ve seen a guy do before is he bought refractory mortar from Lowe’s (comes in a bucket) and lined the firepot with it. Let it dry and started with small fires and worked his way up to bigger fires to cure it.

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    Jacob Henry

    My wife and I recently purchased a home in Woodburn Indiana which included a beautiful non-functioning stove made by “The Eclipse Stove Company” out of Mansfield, Ohio. The stove also has the wording “Century”, “No. 16”, and “Stoves and Ranges” impressed on it. I have a local sandblaster and jack of all trades waiting by to renovate it but first I must address the missing trim around the skirt and busted grate. Our hope is to get it functioning to help absorb some heating costs this winter or next. Any “Wisdom” you can provide is very much appreciated. If it proves too difficult to renovate we’ll probably put the funds toward a wood burning insert in the another fireplace in the house. First I’d like to renovate this beauty if at all possible.

    Front with busted grate



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